I really do care and so should you!

What’s up with First Lady Melania Trump’s jacket? If you haven’t heard, (how could you not) FLOTUS wore a  green canvas jacket with the phrase “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO U?” scrawled across the back in white graffiti-styled text yesterday. She wore this totally inapproprate garb as she was leaving the White House on her way to visit migrant children housed in a Texas shelter.

Everybody (social media, news pundits), had a conniption over it. Was she talking about the kids? Was it a sly message to the President? First of all, we shouldn’t put children in the middle of our marital spats, okay. — Some people said  (which I tend to agree) that she was just trolling us. Trying to be extra sarcastic.

Case in point, why did Ivanka Trump take a picture holding her kid in the middle of the family separation drama? Why did Kristjen Nielsen suddenly have a craving for tacos after lying about the child separation Zero Tolerance Policy? Why did Nazi, Stephen Miller have the same craving for Mexican food? I know, it’s cray cray, right?

In this life I have learned that there are very few coincidences. Yes, it’s a sick game that’s being play by our Reality TV President, but we know that in the end, it is the children  and their welfare that are important factors.  Let’s not lose focus on that!

So Melania Trump can wear her teenage rebellion clothing all she wants, but it won’t change the fact that millions of Americans CARE ABOUT THE CHILDREN WHO WERE FORCIBLY SEPARATED FROM THEIR PARENTS!  We want them reunited with their parents as soon as possible and we won’t stop talking, tweeting, and blogging about it until that is done!

So First Lady Melania Trump, you played yourself!

Melania Jacket