Cluck, Cluck I don’t give a……..

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I know everyone has weighed in on the infamous night of Friday, June 22nd, when White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders was asked to leave the Ren Hen Restaurant in Lexington, Virginia. Let me correct myself and say ‘politely’ asked to leave by the Owner/Manager of the Red Hen, Stephanie Wilkinson.  Wilkinson felt that Sarah’s role in misleading the public on the child separation  “Zero Tolerance” policy was an immoral practice that was against her religious beliefs. She along with her employees voted, ( imagine that a democracy still alive) against serving Sarah and her family due to the potential conflict with their religious conscience and spirit.

Hey, that’s their god given right and a Supreme Court “cake” decision right to take such a stand.

As you know, Sarah boohooed to Twitter casting herself as a respectful person and the Red Hen as a place for eternal damnation. Her tweet immediately went virile and some people got mad, but we all, (Vote Blue) got a chuckle out of Sander’s karma moment. Certainly, we have all laid witness to Sander’s condescending and rude defense of President Trump’s lies with her own lies on a daily basis.

Still,  I guess it was pretty embarrassing for Sanders to get the heave-ho in front of the kinfolk.

Getting to my take on the whole thing, I think as bad as it was for Sanders,  it was comic relief for the rest of us, who are hurt and drained by the perilous blight of immigrant children being taken from their parents and put in cages.  The vision in our heads of Sanders being shown the door was finally maybe the moment when the feelings of the immigrants rained down on her soul.

Sanders didn’t like having that feeling, so she latched out against the restaurant thinking it would bring them scorn and shame, but it didn’t. It was the opposite. It brought her ” We really don’t care, do you?” – and a lot of people had fun with it.

My #restaurantsforsarah was BurgerLies, Home of the Whoppers.

Anyway, three days later, things are back to cray cray and Sander’s has gotten Secret Service protection for a few days.

But three days ago,  we saw a democracy work and uphold the morals and beliefs it was founded upon, something we haven’t seen in the better part of a year, maybe more  – and you know, it felt good!

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