911 Is For Emergencies, Not Your Insecurities!

Another day, another weird 911 call from a ‘concerned’ White citizen about; a Black person barbequing in a public park, a Black, state representative canvassing her constituents, a young, Black boy mowing lawns, or a young, Black girl selling lemonade on the sidewalk…ENOUGH ALREADY!

Exactly what do they say when they reach the 911 operator?

Hello 911, my life is being threatened because I see this suspicious looking middle-age Black woman walking down my street with papers and a cliff board, or Help!- The smell of Black people‘s barbeque has left me critically injured or Please come! -My heart is palpitating too fast because I fear this Black kid selling newspapers next door.

What is the emergency and why are police even responding to these non-emergencies?

Thank God with the help of social media like; Facebook and Twitter, we are actually seeing a video and identifying these people. In most cases after their ‘reveal’, they end up being embarrassed, publicly shamed – ‘StarBucked’, or worst yet suffer financial losses for their ‘racial insensitivity’ -for lack of a harsher word.

What is behind all these 911 calls on Black people doing innocuous things?

Here is my take on this situation.

I think in some cases it may be that they, (some White People) are just using their privilege to educate, (ok-on the real-  to really irritate) Black People about laws and etiquette in public places.

‘ You People did not follow the correct procedure or protocol to get a license or permit, so I’m going to see that you follow the rules and possibly get fined to teach you a lesson.’

In other cases, I believe that, (some White People) are intentionally trying to escalate a harmless situation into a large-scale incident where, tempers flare,  possibly the police overreact and people are arrested or even injured.

In either instance, 911 was improperly used and the persons’ misusing it are for sure totally insecure, maybe complete idiots, or possibly racist bigots.

It is incredibly sad that Black children cannot have a normal childhood without being racially profiled or handcuffed for things all children do. A young Black school boy can’t innocently shop in a New York bodega without being erroneously charged with sexual assault and the Police are called.

I want to let these 911 offenders know, it’s not cute! It’s not a good look and you’re not in charge!

Just stop and realize that NOW, you’re the ones that are going to be racially profiled on social media as; ISAWS (Insecure, Socially Awkward, Whites) with- racist tendencies, I might add.

Okay seriously though, no one should be racially profiled,  so CEASE & DESIST, from using our emergency response system like it is an ANXIETY ATTACK – PANIC BUTTON!

You’re making fools of yourself and think of the children!


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