Thank You Christine!

Well, history is in the books.

Brett Kavanaugh is the newest Supreme Court Justice after a bitter confirmation battle in the U.S. Senate. He was honored at a White House reception, where President Trump apologized on behalf of the American people for all the harm and unfair treatment done to the new Supreme Court Justice.

Meanwhile back in California, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford still can not go back to her home due to death threats.

Christine Blasey Ford bravely  faced the country and told of her assault by the hands of  then teen-aged Brett Kavanaugh. She was courageous in giving us the details of the near rape with composure, sensitivity, and credibility. She talked about how the trauma changed a happy, carefree girl into a frightened, insecure woman decades later.

I will never forget Thursday, September 27, 2018 because it made me remember the unwanted sexual advances and pressure I had experienced as a young girl that I had buried deep in my psyche.  I never told anyone about the time a boyfriend would not drive me home when I refused his sexual advances. He finally relented when his mother overheard my pleas from an adjacent room.

There are many other incidents that I and millions of other women did not dare tell for fear of shame or guilt and most often we blamed ourselves for the predicament we found ourselves in.

But no more!

Christine Blasey Ford stood before us to take that oath to tell the truth and testify about her deepest, darkest episode.  When she did that, the heavy doors that held all of women’s secrets of sexual assault sprung open. We came forth with our stories of abuse and sexual intimidation.

MeToo started two years ago mainly from women in entertainment and  public life who come forth and named their sexual abusers who used their power to destroy or threaten their careers. While it will always be considered the start of a powerful female movement, it still was perceived as an Hollywood casting couch rebellion.

Christine Blasey Ford put the average American girl’s face on the MeToo movement. Christine is that lady in Target picking out greeting cards. She is that woman walking her dog while talking to her teenager on her cell phone.  She was not raised in front of a camera. She does not have a Press Kit.

She was just a woman with a very familiar story to tell about the pervasiveness of sexual assault in our society.

Now she has the admiration of millions of women all over this Nation and the World.

She is the evolution of MeToo.

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford on behalf of sexual assault victims from every walk of life.


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