Black Women Are Powerful

“Yes! Yes! “
That’s an affirmation we all know and use in a lot of settings.

“I’ll have what she’s having,” wryly uttered by a customer to the waitress in the iconic deli scene from the hit movie ‘When Harry Met Sally.’

Columbia Pictures- Romantic/Comedy -When Harry Met Sally – 1989

Of course, that kind of euphoric, orgasmic pleasure wasn’t on the menu, and as demonstrated by actress Meg Ryan, it is often not the actual case in the bedroom.

Well, skip to 2020 and the explicit song and video W.A.P. performed by two sexual powerhouse rappers, Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion, and the days of faking it are over.

The concept is for a sexual partner to make our lady bits moist and pleasingly stimulated. There will be no stopping until the task results in soaking wet goodness. That’s the gist of the video using the tamest language I can summon.

The point is that every woman is craving what the two rappers are projecting in their most uninhibited and unapologetic way. It is a powerful statement that got many tongues wagging and turned a few men into crabby, old spinsters – Ceelo of all people. W.T.F.! Right?

Observation: Cardi B. sure has a very long tongue.

Back to the message, a woman can talk about her sexual prowess in the bedroom and still command the boardroom. As noted, Cardi B. and Megan Thee Stallion are both very successful in their musical careers and are voices of consciousness in the community.

A week after the song and video premiered, they turned W.A.P. into an empowerment movement to help women in need. So whether you prefer to be demure in your romanticizing, W.A.P. is still a projection of Black Women’s new power.

Black Women Are Powerful

So powerful that the next Vice President of the United States.

Yes, I said it!

Kamala Harris will be the next Vice President of the United States!

Our next President, Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, chose California Senator Kamala Devi Harris as his running mate. Kamala will be the first Black Woman on a presidential ticket from a major political party. That’s a powerful statement.

Kamala Harris is of Jamaican and (Asian) Indian descent, but she declared proudly, “I’m a Black Woman until I die.” Her background is something out of a Spike Lee movie, where she has an Asian cultural, ethnic family, and Black experiences all tied together. She is a Howard University Alumna and a member of the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. That’s a festive potpourri of Brown and Black confetti with jerked chicken on the table. Kamala is the proverbial melting pot.

Her background as the District Attorney of San Francisco and then-Attorney General of California got a few activists questioning her role in Black mass incarcerations in the criminal justice system. Basically, taking a swipe at her for doing her job.

Indeed, there is a problem with the proportion of Black men in prison compared to Black Americans’ ratio in the United States. It is a serious issue that should be recognized and addressed.

Honestly, do you think Donald Trump and Mike Pence will approach systemic racial injustice with any intentions to reform it?

Kamala handles herself so humbly with an easy smile and an ingratiating laugh. Every time we see her, she smiles and assures us that she will fight for an America for all our dreams. The sister is the real deal! Harnessing all that power in such a small frame and not afraid to mix it up with the big dogs. Like Black Women were taught to do. Stand up for ourselves and not back down from the righteous fight, like mom said, like Kamala’s mom, Shyamala preached to her.

These three ladies, Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion, and Kamala Harris, have the same thing in common. They all raised the ire of powerful men. Men who thought it was not a woman’s place to go outside certain boundaries, whether Hip Hop and Rap’s sexist industry or the misogynistic political world. These Black Women were not afraid to use their power and influence to change traditional perceptions.

Sure, some people will decry lumping these Black Women together because of their different backgrounds.

The point is that each one of these beautiful Black Women can motivate and inspire success from Black Women of all spectrums. That’s far-reaching power, and I’ll have some of that!

Another way to power is to be politically active by voting and running for office.

Black women are a strong voting block in America and have held down the Democratic party for decades. In 2020, more Black Women are running for political office than in our Country’s history.

That’s our power! B.W.A.P.

Now this Icon, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, gave All Women Power. I have to pay my humble respects to her.

On Friday, September 18th, 2020, R.B.G. passed away after a long courageous battle against Pancreatic Cancer. She was always a fighter, from her days as one of the few women in her Harvard Law class to her decades sitting on the United States Supreme Court.

R.B.G. was a spirit and inspiration to our nation not just for Women or Women’s Rights but for Civil Rights and Voting Rights. We lost a National Treasure.

R.B.G.’s loss on the SCOTUS is Huge! We must VOTE to carry on her remarkable legacy. We can’t let our Country fall back into the hands of deceitful individuals who crave power by taking away the freedoms that have made us strong.


So let’s all go vote on November 3rd and save this Country once more!

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